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OSRL launches accredited remote training options for IMO and OPEP model courses

Wednesday, June 10, 2020


Drawing from our experience of delivering fully remote customised training, OSRL is pleased to announce that remote published training courses are now available to book on our website. Multiple time zone options for courses are available.

The need for oil spill response training continues despite the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have been working hard to transform the most popular oil spill response training courses to remote courses, and the Nautical Institute now accredits most under the COVID endorsement, which lasts until 31st March 2021. 




While there will be no deployment activities, this remote delivery provides you with the same in-person training benefits such as: 

  • Live face-to-face interactions with experienced trainers and other participants 
  • Group exercises made possible via split virtual classrooms 
  • Availability of course materials for future reference 


Remote Course Descriptions  

This course covers both the strategic and tactical elements of oil spill response, and is based on the MCA level 4 (IMO2) On-Scene Commander's Course.  

Duration of course: 24 hours delivery time - 4 days @ 6 hours   

Certification: Nautical Institute Accredited   


This course provides comprehensive insights on the complexities potentially encountered in an oil spill incident and the relevant tools to overcome these. The course gives a structured journey of an oil spill from fates of oil spills through to termination of an oil spill.       

Duration of course (days): 4 Days (3 days @ 6 hours for theory including the tabletop exercise and ~1 full day for pre-read)   

Certification:  Nautical Institute Accredited   


Industry best practice suggests that training refreshed every three years means skills and knowledge gained are more likely to be remembered when needed the most. In the event of an oil spill response, which is not part of most people's day to day responsibility, knowledge retention is even harder. This course, using an incident scenario and 'time outs' to refresh specific topics, covers all the information necessary from the initial response, through the incident, until it terminates and is a must to maintain the skills to manage response operations.         

Duration of course: 2 x 4.5 hour sessions, on consecutive days    

Certification: OSRL OPRC (IMO Equivalent) Refresher   


This course provides you with revalidation of OPEP Level 3 and OPEP Level 4 Certifications.   

Duration of course: 2 x 4.5 hour sessions, on consecutive days  

Certification: Revalidation of OPEP Level 3 or OPEP Level 4  


This remote course comprehensively looks at the fundamentals of incident management for expanding and large-scale incidents, focusing on roles and responsibilities, and the objective-led planning process to support field operations.   

Duration of course: 4 Days (3 days @ 6hours for theory and 1 full day for the Tabletop Exercise)   

Certification: Nautical Institute Accredited  



When will OSRL start offering Classroom Training again?  

Our current priority is delivering quality remote training, but we understand that some people are keen to return to face to face training as soon as it is safe to do so. We are working on a phased plan in line with government guidance which will see us returning to hosting face to face published training when:  

  • The rolling 7-day average of confirmed cases  is showing a consistent decrease over the previous seven days (14 days total)  
  • Local Government advises that non-essential maintenance and manufacturing can recommence/increase and nurseries/ schools/ universities can re-open  

  • Local Hospital – Good ICU capacity and good ventilator capacity. Limited routine treatment.  

  • Global medical advice indicates that a sufficiently wide test and trace programme is in place in the location and that vaccination and/or herd immunity or total cases at the location have reached sufficient levels to allow for loosening of social distancing measures  

  • Members in the location of the base are returning to work from office sites  

When we return to face to face training, we will ask all delegates to complete a self-declaration before attending training. Social distancing, health, and hygiene policies will be in place, which might mean reduced numbers on some of our training courses.  


Client Tailored Remote Training  

You are still able to access training tailored to your specific requirements remotely. OSRL can run any of our standard training courses remotely, many of these accredited by the Nautical Institute. We have delivered several client-tailored courses during the pandemic. An example is the training we provided Wintershall Noordze, which you can read about here 


Preferred IT Platform  

We are platform agnostic and able to use the platform of your choice, although the Zoom training software is preferred. 


How do I book? 

Book through the training calendar on our website by using the remote filter to find our remote courses or the individual course pages listed above. The calendar reflects the availability of our current remote training courses and the courses that we intend to run as face to face. Can't see anything you like? We continue to review all of our training programmes to identify those that can be taught remotely, sign up here to find out when new remote courses are released. 

Please note our training calendar is subject to change.