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Response services are guaranteed ONLY for Members. Non-members are not guaranteed a response and will be required to sign a Non-member contract. Services and rates differ. Duty managers can be contacted for exercises.

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Equipment Hire

Whether you require short-term oil spill response equipment hire, long-term leasing, outsourcing, turnkey solutions or operational management support, we have a huge pool of industry experts and resources to meet your individual needs.

Working closely with our clients, the team at OSRL will assess the risk profile of your operation, considering regulatory needs, operating environment and resource availability in the region, before making a recommendation. Our oil spill equipment hire packages include commissioning, training and maintenance. 

Our oil spill equipment hire packages include commissioning, training and maintenance:

Our cost-effective oil spill response equipment solutions are designed to meet the requirements of your Oil Spill Contingency Plans, offering options of appropriate equipment located on-site for a rapid first response in the event of an oil spill.

OSRL’s equipment hire service incorporates in-country equipment commissioning, set-up advice and critical operational and safety training, all delivered before the final equipment handover to you. The service also includes periodic equipment maintenance and scheduled training and exercising, to ensure maintenance of your response readiness capability. All Equipment Hire Services are supported by our Technical Advisory and Response Services.  We are available, 24 hours a day for more detailed advice and guidance.

OSRL's equipment hire packages have been specially designed and developed over the years, to make them as efficient and practical as possible. They have been tried and tested in various locations all around the world, in some harsh and challenging environments. 

If you already have response equipment on site, we can assist you in evaluation of its current state of readiness and suitability to your operational environment and advise on methods to enhance it to improve your response readiness. Our team can also assist you in reviewing the capability of your response personnel and help formulate training programmes. If you would like information regarding any of our products or packages then please contact us for a no-obligation discussion. 


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Fault Finding Cards

Written in 4 languages by our experts to help with troubleshooting and maintenance of your oil spill response equipment.

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Equipment Hire built for specific operations or custom packages based on customer needs with training and maintenance.

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