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Offshore Boom and Skimmer Packages

Offshore containment and recovery removes oil from the environment and is the primary at-sea response strategy adopted by many governments around the world. It works by using boom to contain and concentrate floating oil, and a skimmer to physically recover oil from the sea surface and pump it into a suitable temporary storage container – often a floating barge.

Conventional Containment

Conventional containment is a two-vessel technique, better suited for high percentage surface oil coverage before oil begins to fragment.

Package contents:

  • 10’ DNV Offshore Container 
  • 200m Offshore Boom
  • Hydraulic Boom Reel
  • Power Pack
  • Air Inflator
  • Tow Bridles
  • Hydraulic Hoses Sets and Reel
  • Buoys
  • Spares Kits


Conventional Containment 1.jpg

Conventional Containment 2.jpg

Hi-speed Deployment Booms

Like the conventional boom systems, this requires a two-vessel technique, and suited for high percentage surface oil coverage before oil begins to fragment. This Hi-Sprint system is deployed much faster than conventional booms and is inflated from a single point, rather than individual inflations points.


High sprint boom 2.jpgHigh sprint boom 1.jpg

Offshore Recovery

OSRL delivers robust offshore weir skimmers complete with oleophilic attachments if required. The hydraulically driven recovery device is powered by a diesel power pack. All ancillaries, such as guide ropes, buoys, hoses and PPE are included.

Package contents:

  • 10’ DNV Offshore Container
  • Offshore Skimmer
  • Transfer Pump
  • Hydraulic Powerpack
  • Ancillaries and Equipment Spares
  • Hydraulic Umbilical Hoses 
  • Temporary Storage Barge
  • Sorbent Boom
  • PPE


Offshore recovery 1.jpgOffshore recovery 2.jpg

Temporary Offshore Storage

In addition to the containment and recovery package, storage requirements should also be considered. If onboard vessel storage is not an option, OSRL can supply either 5, 10, 25 or 50 cubic metre inflatable offshore storage barges. The barges may be offloaded, towed by the recovery vessel or anchored. The barges are stored in the recovery container, complete with the designated lifting gear, cover, tow bridles and air inflator.



Fault Finding Cards

Written in 4 languages by our experts to help with troubleshooting and maintenance of your oil spill response equipment.

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