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Vessel Dispersant Application

Dispersants can be a very effective part of your response toolkit during an oil spill operation. They break down oil in the environment and accelerate natural biodegradation processes. Many countries consider dispersants as a primary response tool in an oil spill response.

Our most commonly used application system is the Ayles Fernie AFEDO Nozzle system. These easy to mount nozzles can be temporarily fixed to almost any vessel, (without modification) regardless of size, and are very straightforward to operate. They produce an even teardrop spray pattern that can be angled directly onto the area required. 

We supply all dispersant equipment with all necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure safe operations.

Vessel Dispersant application 1.jpgVessel Dispersant application 2.jpg

OSRL offers systems with two pumping capacity options, 60l/m or 100l/m, depending on your requirement.

60 l/m model:

Vessel Dispersant application 3.jpgVessel Dispersant application 4.jpg

Different countries approve different dispersants, and how and when to use them. OSRL can supply different dispersant products to ensure you are able to meet regulatory requirements.

Typical package contents:

  • Dispersant pumping system with nozzles
  • 4x 1000ltr IBCs of dispersant
  • Ancillaries and PPE sets
  • Vessel dispersant hand books and application guides 
  • Supplied in a 10’ DNV-certified container

Vessel Dispersant application 5.jpg