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Oil Spill Modelling Services - Supporting any oil spill scenarios

We provide oil spill modelling for both planning and response situations. 


For planning situations, we run OSCAR (Oil Spill Contingency and Response), OSCAR is a 3D oil spill modelling software that includes a subsea blowout module to capture oil as it rises through the water column.  

Modelling in planning situations is often used to support: 

  • Oil spill contingency plans and oil pollution Emergency Plans.
  • Environmental Impact Assessments.
  • Legislative requirements.
  • Oil spill training exercises.

Modelling Map 1

A primary interest during planning situations is to understand the worst-case situation that could occur. Stochastic techniques used within the modelling identify the potential spill scale and extent. This information can be used by planners to produce an effective and appropriate response plan.  

A modelling study by OSRL can provide information such as: 

  • Probability that an area of interest will be oiled, minimum arrival time of oil and severity of effect.
    • areas of interest include: shorelines, countries, maritime boundaries and protected areas.
  • Mass of oil / emulsion impacting the shore.
  • Seasonal variation.
  • Oil weathering and mass balance.

The modelling results are presented as a series of maps as well as tabulated summaries included in a report. The modelling outputs can also be used to inform further preparedness work such as sensitivity mapping or tactical response plan development.  

The practical in-field experience and expertise of our dedicated metocean specialists ensures expert development of scenarios and a thorough understanding of the practical modelling process. We stay in constant contact with our customers from the outset, advising them on input parameters and metocean data suitability, helping to develop the scenarios applicable customers needs. 



For response situations we use OILMAP. OILMAP (Oil Spill Trajectory Model) is a 2D model that can be run quickly and used to provide a 5-day forecast of where the oil may go and what will happen to it.  

Modelling in response situations is often used for: 

  • Predicting the trajectory and fate of the oil, this is especially in the initial stages of the spill before regular surveillance operations have been set up.
  • Directing assets (vessels & aircraft) to the likely location of the oil.
  • Understanding potential for shoreline impact.

Our oil spill response modelling is available 24/7 through the Duty Manager. The on-call modeller will review the scenario details and source appropriate metocean data before running the model. The results are used to produce a short report showing the predicted trajectory and fate of oil over the next 5 days.