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Our activation procedure including contact details and forms for activation, in addition to equipment stockpile and aviation status reports can be found here.

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Response services are guaranteed ONLY for Members. Non-members are not guaranteed a response and will be required to sign a Non-member contract. Services and rates differ. Duty managers can be contacted for exercises.

Oil Spill Response Limited Oil Spill Response Limited

Dedicated Expertise -                                                 Integrating specialist knowledge into your organisation

We have spent the last 30 years building an extensive team of the world's best technical spill response specialists and environmental consultants, so that we can offer you a wide range of support services for your business. From support focused on oil spill management and training or equipment readiness, to contingency planning, OSRL can cover the entire spectrum of oil spill preparedness projects and programmes. Our pool of experienced technical experts are available to embed into your organisation, often on rotation which allows strong relationships to develop both within your organisation and with other stakeholder groups involved in oil spill preparedness and response.

An OSRL technical expert embedded in your organisation effectively becomes an additional member of your team. However, they retain the powerful and unique ability to draw upon knowledge and experience from across the whole OSRL organisation bringing with it access to ongoing industry current best practice and international operating standards.

Project demands can vary widely, but key activities often encompass government liaison, regional planning guidance, specific oil spill contingency planning and technical studies to suit special project requirements. We are proud to say that we have provided our technical experts into our member's organisations for international work involving preparedness and response in extreme operating environments and shallow and deep water projects to name a few, and can offer you bespoke project services tailored to your needs.

If you would like to speak to us about oil spill preparedness and your business's requirements please contact us.