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Oil Spill Response Limited Oil Spill Response Limited

Shoreline Response Packages


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Shoreline response equipment is deployed to protect environmental sensitivities if an oil spill is predicted to impact a shoreline. Our specially designed rapid deployment response trailers contain all the equipment and ancillaries needed to establish a shoreline response at a given site. All personal protective equipment is included to ensure safe operations. These trailers can be centrally located and mobilised at short notice or remotely positioned to higher risk areas of impact. They can be towed by most 4x4 vehicles and come with two hitch options I standard 50mm ball hitch or a NATO hitch. They also come in various size options, one of which is able to be stored inside a 20’ ISO container, which can make the trailer more secure if locating remotely. 

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Skirt / Shore Sealing Inflatable Boom                                                   

The trailers can contain up to 250m of shoreline boom, generally divided up into 200 metres of skirt boom and 50 metres of shore sealing boom, but these can be tailored to any requirement.

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Shoreline Flushing                                                                                  

Shoreline flushing equipment is used to flush and remobilise stranded beached oil. The shoreline flushing equipment includes a petrol driven water pump that utilises low pressure water and perforated discharge hoses.

Oil Recovery Device                                                                               

Our shoreline skimmers, which have the options for either an oleophilic brush or disc attachment, are hydraulically driven by a small diesel power pack, which includes a discharge pump. These can be fitted with spark arrestors and Chalwyn valves. All this equipment is lightweight for manual handling purposes, but is very durable, so can be manoeuvred without the need for mechanical assistance, this is ideal for problematic shoreline environments. 

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Temporary Storage Tanks                                                                     

A 10,000-litre collapsible storage tank is included for storing recovered oil. The storage tank comes in a compact, transportable container and once on site is easy to assemble and requires minimal man power.

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Container Package

If a trailer is not what is required, then we also offer a container version. This is a racked out 20’ ISO container which contains the same stock as the trailers, but if more equipment is required, due to the increased space available compared to our trailers then we can supply more. These packages can also be located almost anywhere, providing you have the transport and lifting capabilities available, and all the equipment remains secure.

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