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Successful EGM and Members’ Forum 2023

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

This year’s EGM and Members’ Forum, held in Fort Lauderdale, was a great success, with guests attending workshops, having the opportunity to meet some of our experts, and networking with industry peers. 

During the week, we offered training courses to attendees, including Crisis Management and Performing Under Pressure led by Dean Wasche, and ICS 410 Executive Lesson with Max Seda and Elmer Emeric. 

Both courses received a high rate of interest and gained a great deal of interaction from those who attended, and each was given five out of five stars in the feedback. 

Two workshops took place during the morning of the second day, which were Plenary Sessions focusing on case studies with Matt Simmons, Liam Harrington-Missin, and Bill Humphreys, including a section with Topical Case Studies given by James Eagan Layne, and a workshop on Secondments delivered by Michael Hernandez.  

The second day of the event saw another two workshops – Strategic Direction – Preparedness & Response led by Emily Foley and Andy Myers, and a workshop on Research in and Operationalisation of Herders led by Filipe Olas. 

Feedback from some of our attendees and their highlights: 

"Real examples from experienced presenters " 

"Adding a practical exercise to the workshop." 

"Extremely well delivered by two very experienced presenters." 

“Well thought topics, good networking period, and knowledgeable speakers.” 

Presentations more interesting and technical than those from AGM UK in June.” 

The workshop about Herders was very useful.” 

"Congratulations to coaches and presenters." 


At the end of the second day, the delegates were collected from the hotel before enjoying a tour of our OSRL Base in Fort Lauderdale.  

In the evening, attendees were treated to drinks and a networking dinner, seated outside for parts of the meal to take in the surrounding scenery. 

The event was brought to a close with a heartfelt thank you speech from our CEO Vania De Stefani to attendees and staff. Congratulations to everyone on a successful event!

We will be uploading the presentations to the website in due course.