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OSRL Subsea Well Intervention Services Forum KL Malaysia

Thursday, October 5, 2023

OSRL Subsea Well Intervention Services Forum KL Malaysia

As an integrated surface and subsea Global response organisation, we understand the critical importance of having a well-structured and efficient response system in place to address the potential subsea loss of well control incidents timely and effectively for our members.

Acknowledging this, we have taken a proactive approach to create a solution that provides capabilities in a range of services to support our subsea members. The Global Subsea Response Network (GSRN)

This network brings together a select group of specialised service providers, of currently 15 companies, to form a collaborative and comprehensive response ecosystem for subsea emergencies.

Our Subsea APAC Manager, Mario Fazio recently hosted the annual Subsea Well Intervention Services (SWIS) Regional Forum at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, on 4 October. The Forum focused on the GSRN service provider capabilities, considerations, and requirements for deploying the OSRL Singapore capping stack and applying subsea dispersant to a fictitious loss of well control incident at a well location off the coast of Malaysia. 

Shairizal Badzri, one of our Non-Executive Board Directors and the Head of Crisis and Incident Management for Petronas Group HSE, delivered the Forum's keynote address. In his speech, he emphasised the importance of preparedness, exercised plans, and the availability of specialist service providers in the event of a loss of well control incident. His insights underscored the critical role that collaboration plays in effective subsea well intervention.

Guest speakers from the GSRN, including Trendsetter Engineering Inc., TechnipFMC, Clarksons, Maritech, ADC Energy, and CSA Ocean Sciences, shared invaluable insights into equipment mobilisation and deployment requirements. These experts shed light on various aspects of subsea well intervention, from capping stack configuration and testing to vessel tracking software capabilities, providing a holistic view of the challenges and considerations in the field.

A big thank you was extended to Geoff Biliskov from Trendsetter Engineering, Paul Love from Clarksons Plc, Colin Young from Maritech Offshore Division, Austin Hay from ADC Energy, Roger Nolloth and John Ballantyne from TechnipFMC Vessel Delivery Team, and Kathleen Gifford from CSA Ocean Sciences for their exceptional presentations and contributions during the forum.

Our SWIS Regional Forum clearly demonstrated the advantages of the GSRN. By fostering collaboration and shared expertise, the network ensures a level of preparedness and response capabilities that transcends the capabilities of any individual entity.

In an industry where safety and efficiency are paramount, OSRL's GSRN sets it apart. We understand that no single entity can match a collaborative network's response capabilities.