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Collaborating For A Cleaner Future: OSRL Launches Plastics Working Group

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Collaborating For A Cleaner Future: OSRL Launches Plastics Working Group

Are you concerned about the impact of plastic pollution on our environment? At OSRL, we share your concerns and are committed to making a difference. Following our involvement in the nurdle spill in Sri Lanka, we have formed a Plastics Working Group (PWG) to expand and improve our ability to respond to plastic pollution spills. 

So, what are we doing? Our group is covering all things plastics, focusing on working collaboratively with other stakeholders to develop a Good Practice Guide (GPG) on responding to microplastics spills. This guide will be reviewed by IPIECA, with contributions from various stakeholders such as ITOPF, Oracle Environmental Experts, IMO, and UK and Eire Spill Association


We are also learning from our experience in Sri Lanka, ensuring we have captured all the lessons learned and outputs. Plus, we are participating in various trials to clean up nurdles in the local area. Additionally, we are conducting a capability review of our training and external presentation materials and contributing to the Plastic Pollution Working Group of the UK Spill and Ireland Association


Plastics Pollution Equipment Trials Sri Lanka.jpg

Equipment trials in Sri Lanka


We are also proud to be part of the newly formed UK Plastic Pollution Working Group (PPWG), which includes members such as Oracle Environmental, ITOPF, and IMO, among others. Our PWG purpose aligns with the PPWG, which is working towards compiling and presenting information on ten goals of response to plastic pollution. OSRL has been tasked with presenting on two of these goals: Response Equipment use and Effectiveness & Monitoring and Assessment, including SCAT. 


In addition to our collaboration with the PPWG, we are also exploring opportunities to work with the University of Southampton on a Group Design Project, which will involve producing a new equipment prototype based on a vacuum recovery-based concept. 


We believe that by utilising the collective knowledge and experience of our employees, we can develop techniques and equipment to protect our environment and ensure that the industry is better prepared for these events. If you're interested in learning more about the Plastics Working Group, head to the Plastic Working Group page on the UK and Ireland Spill Association website. Together, we can make a difference and protect our planet for generations to come. 


Meet the OSRL Plastics Working Group 

Rhea SHEARS_PWG Blog.jpg

Name: Rhea Shears

Role: Technical Training & Development Advisor 

Marta_PWG Blog.jpg

Name: Marta Januszewska

Role: Senior Consultant 

Lucy SHORT_PWG Blog.jpeg

Name: Lucy Short

Role: Principle Consultant 

Bjornar Fonn.jpg

Name: Bjornar Fonn

Role: Senior Response Specialist - SWIS 

Kate Brown.jpg

Name: Kate Brown

Role: Modelling Consultant 

Eleanor Rowland.jpg

Name: Eleanor Rowland

Role: Responder 

Aysha Ahmed.jpg

Name: Aysha Ahmed

Role: Responder  

Tom Fisher (1).jpg

Name: Tom Fisher

Role: Senior Response Specialist