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A Day in the Life of an Engineering Apprentice at OSRL

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Engineering Apprentice at OSRL

Our engineering apprentice, Joe Hartley, works in our Equipment Hire Services team and is already learning a lot from the team around him.

In May, Joe was invited along on his first OSRL trip to visit a client in Ireland to deliver a training program to help personnel working at the company to be able to use our equipment in the event of a spill. He helped to deliver theory training presentations to the client before carrying out practical training on the shoreline trailers. 

The next day the team headed out to Whiddy Island, near the head of Bantry Bay, to start the maintenance and training. As part of the training, they set a Fastank Challenge with the trainees, challenging them to go up against each other in two teams to see who could erect a Fastank the fastest. The task brought out some healthy competitiveness among colleagues, and Joe was impressed at how quickly both teams managed it – the winning team completed it in 5 minutes and 7 seconds, with the runners-up only 31 seconds behind them! 


As well as training, the trip was primarily to carry out the routine maintenance on our equipment, which was successfully completed and allowed Joe to test his knowledge on fixing water pumps and carrying out our general checks on the filter, fuel, and spark plugs.

Joe thoroughly enjoyed his first taste of travel with the Equipment Hire Service team in his apprenticeship and looks forward to his next adventure!