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OSRL Achieve DNV Certification

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

We are pleased to confirm that our DNV audit in July highlighted only two minor non-conformances, three observations and one opportunity for improvement. The audit conclusions demonstrate a mature and robust integrated management system, an excellent result for an organisation of our size and our level of diverse and varied business processes. 

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement and quality, OSRL is certified to ISO standards 9001 (quality management), 14001 (environmental management) and 45001 (health & safety management). 

ISO 45001 (health & safety management) ensures employee safety. It monitors our continued commitment to improving employee safety, including reducing workplace risks and working conditions. 

These protocols ensure we follow the Management System Standards (MSS) by setting out all the requirements or guidance to help us manage our policies and processes. 

The period for certification lasts three years, with a re-certification audit at the start and finish. Then five 'periodic' surveillance audits are spaced out over the following three years.

In July, we were audited again by DNV (auditing body) (the third periodic audit in the cycle). Southampton, Bahrain and Norway were the chosen bases for audit this time round.

However, we must not become complacent. We run regular internal audits and review our systems to ensure the necessary processes and procedures are in place. We pride ourselves on continuous improvement. 

The next audit is scheduled for December this year, and DNV will be visiting Southampton, Fort Lauderdale and South Africa. Thank you to the staff who participated in the audit and all employees for continuing to follow procedures.