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Oil Spill Response Limited and Cresent partner to enhance industry competence

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL), the industry’s leading global oil spill response cooperative, and Cresent, a Control of Work and Health and Safety specialist, today announce a training partnership.  



This new and exciting collaboration sees the availability of an increased range of e-learning courses for mutual customers within the oil and gas industry, enabling a wider range of subject matter to be available.  As many of our customers are oil and gas related, this innovative and collaborative approach offers key benefits to OSRL and Cresent customers.


Our customers will benefit from not only lower-costs and high quality training solutions at a time when the oil and gas industry needs it, but it also provides a foundation for future collaboration initiatives and joint development of new e-learning courses required by industry and our customers.


“We are proud to partner with Cresent” states Jo Unwin, Training & Consultancy Manager at OSRL. “We believe this collaboration continues to show our commitment to enhance the competence of our customers beyond the conventional realms of oil spill response. This will promote a healthier and safer working environment within the industry, working towards preventing oil spill incidents.”


Historically, OSRL e-learning courses have taken a focus on managing an oil spill and the associated subjects, these new additional e-learning courses bring a focus on the day-to-day health and safety environment that our customers work within, giving us a more holistic training offering.


Safety is a core value embedded into both organisations.  As a response organisation, safety is a key part of every activity at OSRL. Robert Limb, CEO of OSRL conveys “Safety is of vital importance to us here at OSRL, being able to enhance competence in the safe working practices of our customers give us great pride.”


Having over 30 years experience within the industry, Cresent are Control of Work and Health and Safety specialists. “This gives us great confidence in the quality of our new courses” says Jo Unwin, “the partnership ensures that our mutual customers have the best industry practice consolidated into our training products.”


As a global industry cooperative, OSRL is well placed to represent the industry in the wider dissemination and adoption of key industry messages. Outreach takes many forms; one key channel is through Training services, ensuring they are at the forefront of global good practice.


As both companies strive towards increasing industry competence through training, this new partnership will be the beginning of aligning industry training standards and health and safety principles.



About Oil Spill Response Limited [OSRL]

OSRL is the industry’s leading oil spill response cooperative, providing preparedness, response and intervention services worldwide. Membership represents the majority of global oil production, comprising some 160 environmentally responsible organisations from government, marine and energy-related sectors. Operating from strategic locations in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and the Americas, OSRL is the industry leader in this field, having acquired a distinguished track record by attending more than 400 oil spill incidents during the past three decades. 


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