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Information Workshop: Angola

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Obtain the latest information you will need to efficiently and effectively respond alongside OSRL during an oil spill incident.

Meet our experts after the Workshop with the opportunity to have 1-to-1 meetings


Here is what you can find out during the workshop:

Oil Spill Preparedness 

This session will cover the OSRL response procedures including callout, spill sequence and mobilisation of aircraft / dispersant procedures. This will guide companies of the roles of various bodies activating OSRL in the event of a callout. 


Tiered Preparedness for Effective Response 

This session will cover the responsibilities for each tier of the spill, including preparing for the a spill, tiered preparedness and response, as well as being ready for a spill.


SWIS Capping Stacks and Support Systems  

This session will cover the logistics of mobilising the capping stack and the roles and responsibilities of each company involved in the process.