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What happens during a subsea well-blowout?

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

In May 2015, OSRL responded to a fictional scenario of a drill ship drifting off site, while still connected to the Blow Out Preventor (BOP).

Named Exercise Leviathan I, this major internal exercise tested OSRL’s Major Mobilisation Plan.

OSRL bases around the world participated in the exercise, coordinated through a Global Command Team in Southampton to maintain coordination of global activity 24/7.

The exercise included the testing of mobilisation processes for Subsea Well Intervention equipment (the Subsea Incident Response Toolkit, two Capping Stacks and three legs of Containment) and the Global Dispersant Stockpile.

At peak times, up to 75 personnel were involved globally. About 126 man-days and £7.3 million in simulated* costs were incurred.

The exercise has given OSRL the confidence that we are ready and able to mount a safe, efficient and effective response in the event  of a major mobilisation incident. Exercise Leviathan II will be conducted in November to incorporate our lessons learnt during the first exercise.


*identified, but not realised expenses such as logistics