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SOCAR visit our Southampton base

Thursday, December 14, 2017

OSRL hosted SOCAR, a national oil company in Azerbaijan, on 23rd September. The delegation included senior managers in SOCAR’s Ecology department. The visit aimed to view OSRL’s stockpile, exchange information on good industry practice and affirm OSRL’s credentials as a world-leading response organisation. SOCAR delegates’ principal objective was to get advice for their planned Tier 1 and Tier 2 response bases.


With OSRL experience in managing response bases in different parts of the world, we were able to provide SOCAR with guidance on a base set up, response equipment selection and training and maintenance schedules. The highlight of SOCAR’s visit was OSRL’s base showcase tour. Our Duty Managers took SOCAR’s delegates on a tour of OSRL’s extensive response equipment stockpile, our training equipment area, dispersants stockpiles and various vehicles used during a response. This allows OSRL to present to the delegates the best practice procedures, which ensure continuity of response and safety at all times.


The tour also included visiting various departments such as Consultancy and Training, sharing case studies from past spills and discussion on projects which OSRL was contracted to help improve the client’s or country’s oil spill response preparedness.  SOCAR were also introduced to our Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) to experience one of OSRL’s busiest response environments.


SOCAR ended the day happy, sharing the following points:

•    SOCAR was impressed by the information we presented and liked what we provided

•    SOCAR would be pleased to collaborate with OSRL if the opportunity arises


We very much enjoyed having SOCAR visit OSRL and hope to see them again soon.


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