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OSRL welcomes the publication of IOGP Report 591 - Guidance for Subsea Source Control Competency and Skills

Friday, April 9, 2021

OSRL is delighted to share the news that the IOGP Subsea Well Response & Source Control subcommittee (SWRSC) has issued the latest document 591 - Guidance for Subsea Source Control Competency and Skills

591 is available for download directly from the IOGP, or please download from our technical library.

591 is the latest in a series of guidance documentation focused on Subsea Well Response. The series includes 594 – Source Control Emergency Response Planning Guide for Subsea Wells & 592 – Subsea Capping Response Time Model Toolkit User Guide.

591 incorporates and builds on guidance developed as part of the Subsea Well Response Project (SWRP), namely, the Subsea Well Response Containment Guidelines. These guidelines identify the potential mission plans and associated resourcing competencies/skill sets organisation leaders should consider when planning and ultimately responding to a subsea well incident.

Further supporting documentation is available to Subsea Well Intervention Service (SWIS) subscribers in our online SWIS technical library.

OSRL wish to thank IOGP for the opportunity to participate in the development of 591 along with other sub-committee colleagues.

Competency is a critical element of organisational preparedness. An effective response depends on competent personnel working to a well developed plan that has been adequately resourced and regularly exercised.

OSRL has significant experience and history in delivering incident management and oil spill response training (inc. Subsea Well Response Awareness). Our extensive range of courses, provided by our oil spill experts, is available to view on our website.

In addition, to support our members with their competency development and as part of ongoing engagement with our SWIS subscribers and industry, we have developed an interactive portal aimed at creating Subsea Response Awareness. The below shots show some of the areas the portal covers:

SWIS screenshots combined.png

Our services are aimed at improving competence and developing preparedness include:

Source Control Emergency Response Plans (ref. 594 & 592 Guidance).

ICS Training.

Organisational support and training.

Design & facilitation of Drills & Exercises.

If you would like any further information on our SWIS services or interest in planning, training or exercise facilitation, then please do not hesitate to contact:-

EMEA and Americas: Mark Cockram

APAC: Mario Fazio