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OSRL Technical Forum on Dispersants

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Legacy funding from Clean Caribbean & Americas (CCA) enabled OSRL to host a Technical Forum entitled “Understanding Dispersants in Oil Spill Response” in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on November 12 to 14.

The Forum was attended by 93 delegates representing 17 oil companies, 14 government agencies, 6 response organizations, and 3 academic institutions from the US and globally.

The goal of the Forum was to lay a foundation of knowledge and create a framework for analysis and decision-making for the use of dispersants in oil spill response. Many of the world’s premiere scientists, academics, government regulators, and response professionals presented the latest scientific and operational information on the use of dispersants. In this regard, decision makers who attended are now equipped with the best available information, science, and tools to make wise policy and operational decisions.


Paul Schuler, Director - Regional External Affairs, presented OSRL’s Life Saving Rules.


Speakers included scientists, academics, government regulators, and response professionals.


The forum concluded with a panel discussion.

Presentations made during the forum can be accessed at