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Oil Spill Response Ltd signs a ‘Strategic Alliance’ with Trendsetter and Halliburton for integrated subsea well-capping response solutions

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Oil Spill Response Ltd (OSRL), Trendsetter Engineering and Halliburton this month signed a strategic alliance for integrated subsea well-capping response solutions.


This strategic alliance enables OSRL to broaden the service capabilities for our Members and potential Members, and establishes a comprehensive end-to-end best-practice solution for preparedness and response to a subsea well control incident. This includes access to operational and deployment support and expertise and is available to oil and gas exploration and production companies globally.

It further broadens and enhances the organisational capabilities previously established through the Global Industry Response Group (GIRG), and adopted by the Subsea Well Response Project (SWRP), by establishing an integrated, best-practice approach to managing subsea well control incidents around the world.


Under the terms of the agreement, OSRL retains responsibility for providing access, via membership, to an industry owned global capping, containment, and offset installation capability. OSRL also continues to be responsible for ensuring that equipment related to the Subsea Well Intervention Service (SWIS) is properly maintained and response ready, as well as the mobilisation of relevant equipment, including the physical handover of equipment to SWIS Members.


Trendsetter, a highly-regarded specialist in subsea solutions, and Halliburton’s Boots and Coots well control division, an established global leader in well control planning and response, will provide access to trained and deployable response personnel and subject matter experts to support SWIS Members at both strategic and tactical levels, in addition to supporting preparedness activities in a range of areas including source control, well control, relief well planning, and engineering through OSRL.


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Emma Smillie:
Global Marketing Manager
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