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OSRL Brexit Response Readiness Statement – December 2020

Thursday, December 17, 2020

OSRL is closely monitoring the ongoing discussions between the European Union and the UK Government to understand the outcome and any details of a new trade agreement, should one ultimately be agreed.

Given the proximity to the end of the transition period deadline (31st December 2020), OSRL has also conducted planning for a no-deal scenario.

In all eventualities OSRL expects to remain response ready and able to respond to Members should any of our services be required.

OSRL has reviewed the position of its cargo (globally) and identified which items may be affected by potential changes in export/import regimes. Changes will apply to all equipment previously governed under EU trade agreements that would cease to be applicable in a no-deal scenario (although if a deal is agreed this will lessen the impact).

There may be delays in early 2021 for cargo shipments in and out of the UK, (predominantly by road or sea) especially in the event of a no-deal scenario.

It is essential to note in the event of an SLA/dispersant mobilisation, should protracted clearance times be expected, OSRL could mobilise equipment from Singapore, Bahrain and Fort Lauderdale.

OSRL is working closely with logistics and aviation partners to understand potential delays, if they materialise, and to be ready to support our Members to manage the impact of delays.

OSRL is not responsible for the import of equipment under our main response agreements (SLA, SWIS, GDS). OSRL wishes to remind Members that Brexit may well impact on Member operations and preparedness as well as on OSRL.

From dialogue with Members, OSRL understands many are preparing for the new import requirements (which will be no different from import requirement undertaken as part of regular business activity).

Once the post-transition arrangements for 2021 are clarified, should it be necessary, OSRL will communicate any specific risks to Members that might help ensure preparedness. Amongst the key areas that may be impacted by the new arrangements are:

  • The import process and documentation, including potential tariffs
  • VAT or other sales tax requirements
  • Individual country visa requirements will impact people movements

OSRL has managed the funding risk for 2021 by contracting for all material currency requirements to mitigate against volatility of Pound Sterling in a no-deal scenario. OSRL is not planning any significant procurement from the EU into the UK in early 2021, and so there is no immediate risk in respect of disruption to procurement activities.

OSRL continues to undertake preparedness activities concerning logistics and the movement of goods to ensure delivery of the best possible service can to our members. OSRL will further update on these activities once there is clarity on the exact regulatory environment for UK/EU trade in early 2021.

Any other matters identified once the regulatory environment from 1st January 2021 onwards is clear that are relevant to Members will be communicated to the Members as soon as identified.