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Introducing the new look IMO 2 Clearance Course

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Learning is about the creation, not just consumption of knowledge. Our training utilises a blended approach to learning and encourages delegates to use technology in combination with practical exercises.

The OSRL Training Team spent much of 2014 redesigning the Clearance Course in response to a client survey on our training services. This survey produced many positive comments about our training and also some areas for development. This drive was a result of OSRL striving to continually improve our training services and acting on our clients suggestions. We too recognised that there was an opportunity to make the delegate training experience even better and we have worked tirelessly to produce an unrivalled IMO 2 training course.

How has our Clearance Course changed?

The new look Clearance Course is built around the concept of ‘flipping’ the training room so that our delegates get to lead their own learning. In reality, this means that delegates are asked to solve challenges by collaborating with their peers/OSRL trainers and by getting hands-on. Whether we are training in the classroom or in the field, every session has been designed to maximise delegate engagement and thus give people the best chance of learning effectively. What makes this approach to training work so well is that it is supported by Spill Response Experts who understand how to effectively facilitate and guide delegates throughout their course.

The Oil Spill Clearance course is ideal for individuals wanting to develop their understanding, skills and knowledge of oil spill response. The course aims to take the delegate on a spill journey. Delegates will work with the trainers to broaden and deepen their knowledge of all things Oil Spill Response and can expect to be fully involved in the planning and execution of simulated response exercises. There are three main exercises during the week which take place on the river*, offshore and finally on the shoreline.

*Due to legislations, the inland river exercise does not take place on the Singapore course.

The field exercises are supported by classroom table tops and theory sessions which provide the underpinning spill response knowledge - these sessions are designed to cater to all of the different learning styles that the delegates have which means that everyone gets to learn effectively.

The UK Clearance Course in March 2015 received very positive feedback confirming that the new course is living up to the high expectations of our delegates!

For more information please visit our Training page