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Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL) releases DECC Training Course offers

Monday, February 29, 2016

DECC Course Offers

In difficult economic times, meeting legislative requirements to conduct oil spill response training as part of a licence to operate can be a financial strain.


At OSRL, we understand the operational demands of meeting these UK DECC requirements, and as part of our ongoing efforts to support our customers in all their obligations, we’re offering Buy One Get One FREE* places on our published DECC 2, 3 and Refresher Courses. What’s more, we’re also offering all published DECC 4 courses on a Buy One Get One HALF PRICE* basis.


 Jo Unwin, Training and Consultancy Manager from OSRL, expressed, “A side effect of heightened industry pressure to cut costs has led to a greater necessity for more creative approaches to finding savings for our customers.  All service companies have to adapt to the new price scenario. We believe that our latest DECC offer does just that and shows our understanding of both our customers operational demands and legislative requirements in what is a very challenging environment.”


We believe in a collaborative effort during spill response, and feel it is important to generate a greater understanding of the different roles involved. That’s why we’re offering a FREE DECC 1 On-Scene Commander e-learning course licence for each place booked on the DECC 2, 3, 4 and Refresher courses. This will broaden knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of an Offshore Installation Manager during an oil spill. 297 people have completed this e-learning course since its launch in February last year and 98% of those who have given feedback agree that it is of an “excellent” standard and would recommend it to others. View the Demo to see if you would benefit from this course.


Our DECC Courses run throughout the year in the United Kingdom, here’s a quick reference of the published dates and locations for 2016:


DECC Level 2
13 April  Southampton
14 September  Aberdeen
 2 November  Southampton
DECC Level 3 
 19 - 21 April  Southampton
 20 - 22 September  Aberdeen
 8 – 10 November  Southampton
DECC Level 4 
 9 - 12 May  Southampton
 5 - 8 September  Southampton
DECC Refresher Level 3 & 4
12 April  Southampton
13 September  Aberdeen
1 November  Southampton

Visit our Training page or Contact Us to book your place on a DECC course today.


What our customers think:

“Thanks very much for the fun and informative DECC L3 course over the past few days. From the first morning the course was really enjoyable. Gillian and Lucy made us feel very welcome and are both great trainers.  The enthusiasm of the presenters was evident, and they made sure we were participating throughout.  It is clear that a lot of work has been put into the course material to make it interactive, engaging, and useful. 

Possibly the most enjoyable course I’ve attended, I would definitely recommend OSRL training. Well done!”

Senior Environmental Advisor at E.ON Exploration and Production

Attended DECC Level 3 Course – Aberdeen, Feb 2016  



Offer Conditions 

*The FREE or HALF PRICE places offered must be for the same course as the purchased place, is non-transferable and cannot be deferred. The DECC 1 e-learning course is also non-transferable and only available to places booked on published training courses. Offer valid until 31 Dec 2016.