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COVID 19 (Coronavirus Disease 19)

Friday, January 22, 2021










COVID-19 Update - 22nd January 2021

As new strains of Coronavirus are becoming prevalent, our Travel department is closely monitoring travel bans for our colleagues from the UK, Brazil, and South Africa. We collate information from several sources, including Government websites and our travel suppliers themselves. The information is accessible to all staff via an internal spreadsheet.  

Vaccination programmes are beginning to roll out across the world. We are pleased to report that we have seen the first OSRL personnel receiving vaccinations in Bahrain, Singapore and the USA.  

Since our last communication, we continue to monitor and update the country plans available on our website. We have updated the following country plans: Kazakhstan, Singapore, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines and Suriname. We also have a new country plan for Greece. Click here to view.  

We have released registration for another new seminar; One Year On: What Have We Learned? Properties of Low Sulphur Fuel Oils. Our second seminar available on this topic will include presentations from Paul Gunter, OSRL consultant on the properties and characteristics of Low Sulphur Fuel Oils and Silje Berger from the Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) with input from CEDRE. 

2020 was undoubtedly an extraordinary year, with each of us facing new and unique challenges. There were well-documented failings in the global response at both an organisational and national level. Discussing this topic, we have recently published an insights article written by Principal Consultant Rosie Buse, titled 'Navigating a Crisis and the value of Worst Case Scenario Planning'. The article discusses whether crisis planners are confident that they are equipped for the next significant challenge. Read the article here.  

The UK and EU agreed a Trade Agreement which commenced on the 1st January. Following this we have released a Brexit response readiness statement which is available on our website here.     

As always, we remain just a phone call away, ready to virtually support you and your operations. Should you have any questions, please email or contact our Duty Managers.