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Friday, August 6, 2021





COVID-19 Update (1st October 2021)

Sri Lanka Update 

With operations stabilising and the subsequent reduced workload, OSRL agreed with ITOPF and the P&I club to reduce the number of in-country personnel. We continue to provide an ongoing presence of five in-field responders until the lifting of the Sri-Lankan lockdown when the number of response personnel in country will revert to six.  OSRL has responders identified and on standby, ready to revert to ten in-field should the situation in-country change.  

The Sri Lankan government has extended the lockdown until 1st October. Recovery operations are still limited due to the national lockdown but personnel on beaches are increasing, and clean-up operations are underway.   

The shoreline response focuses on the recovery of nurdles from various sites along the west coast of Sri Lanka. Shoreline survey and clean-up data is being captured using a specifically designed app that consolidates all the information and provides opportunities for automated reporting. Equipment modifications/adaptations continue to be tested as the in-field team look for improvements.

OSRL continue to task the UAV team aboard the MV Magnanimous with conducting surveillance overflights twice daily. We are currently in the process of demobilising the offshore equipment and arranging for its return.

Our key objective remains to ensure the health, safety, and security of all personnel by complying with OSRL's Life Saving Rules and COVID-19 Protocols. 



Throughout the year we continually exercise to maintain our response readiness. A snapshot of our activities is listed below, and further information can be found in our Global Exercise Planner.

All our exercises successfully followed Covid-19 protocols and safely met their aims and objectives.



During the first week of September, the Bahrain team participated in a Hot Weather Exercise alongside BAPCO. The aim of the exercise was to practice deploying different kind of equipment in an extreme hot and high humid climate.

On Friday, 10th September, the backup UKCS aircraft G-BPYR and a Flylogix UAV completed the first exercise of our deconfliction of manned and unmanned platforms project flying at the same time within a pre-declared Temporary Danger Area (TDA) just off the coast of Weybourne.  

We met the exercise objectives for both aircraft but as anticipated on this journey to explore the art of possible with UAVs there were many learning points that we need to consider and factor in for planning for the second exercise in 2022. 

On 21st September, OSRL and 2Excel carried out another Surface Dispersant exercise, southwest of the Isle of Wight. In the simulation, a response vessel released Fluorescein, to act as a target for the Boeing 727 to treat with simulated dispersant (freshwater). A surveillance aircraft acted as a spotter, directing the B727 when to spray on and off.  At sea, the response teams carried out vessel dispersant application.  



During the week commencing 13th September, the APAC team participated in a Shoreline Response Exercise aimed at  

  • Refamiliarising the team with equipment following a long period of inactivity due to COVID-19 restrictions. 
  • Providing opportunities to build team’s competency on mobilisation and deployment of shoreline response equipment.
  • The scenario was a fictitious crash between two bunker vessels at the TOLL Jetty as they were trying to dock.



The Brazil team safely and successfully completed the GDS Mobilisation exercise on 24th September as per the scheduled exercise planner. The exercise went well, and all IBCs are now back in storage. The Shell Brazil team (3 pax) are currently performing a Source Control Contingency Equipment Audit in all three OSRL Brazil locations. 

In Fort Lauderdale, the team completed the SLA IBC swap out during peak hurricane season. The small team of five spilt the swap out into two planned work sessions to maintain storage. Due to some fallout in the IBC’s the transfer was pumped instead of using gravity feed to remix. All IBCs were successfully swapped out. 


Upcoming seminars  

Members Only Seminar: Extreme Hot Weather Response, 20th October, Register here.


Upcoming Events 

Middle East Member’s Day and Technical Forum, 26th October. Register for this virtual event here

Virtual Annual ITAC Meeting, 2nd November, Email Paul Schuler, Director, Regional External Affairs Response (Americas) for further information. 

Middle East Member Forum, 25th November 

We welcome our esteemed Members in the Middle East to join us for a Virtual Member Forum hosted by our Bahrain base. Register for this event here

Members Forum and EGM, 7th and 8th December, Face to Face event, London 

We are really excited to be planning for our first face to face event since the beginning of the pandemic. Our Members' Forum and EGM is taking place in London at the Marriott Hotel County Hall in London and will address OSRL's performance and strategic direction. If you would like to register for this event please send an email to


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COVID-19 Information 

As a reminder, the following information remains available to all our members all available through the COVID-19 area on our website:  

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OSRL COVID-19 Plans including Strategic Recovery Plan and Tactical Impact Assessment Plans 



As always, we remain a phone call away, ready to support you and your operations. Should you have any questions, please email or contact our Duty Managers.