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COVID 19 (Coronavirus Disease 19)

Friday, April 16, 2021









COVID-19 Update - 16th April 2021


Base alert levels updates 

This week in the UK, the Southampton base alert level has been de-escalated from AMBER to YELLOW, as case numbers have decreased and vaccinations have reached 50% of the adult population. In recognition of the multiple layers of protection we now have in place for covid-safe base operations, we are able to remove the split A & B shift system, which we have had in place through the Red and Amber alert phases over the last year.  This removal of the split shift arrangements will allow more flexibility in staff attending the base and is a first small step towards a gradual return to normal operations.  This split shift system over the last year has been really important in preserving our ability to respond.   


Therefore, our Southampton recovery plan has been updated and includes an “Internal Air Quality Assessment” which reviews the fresh air intakes to each office in line with the latest HSE advice, to ensure that we can safely accommodate all staff wishing to return to the site. In accordance with this update, we offer regular site reorientation sessions for all staff to ensure all our covid-secure procedures in place are followed and are there to keep staff and delegates safe during this time.  


After closely monitoring case numbers in the Americas, we have also de-escalated our Houston base alert level from AMBER to YELLOW.  


Continued monitoring has unfortunately seen case numbers increasing in Bahrain and so we have taken the prudent step to re-escalate the Bahrain base alert level from AMBER to RED as Ramadan commences. 


Subsea update 

We are pleased to communicate that the capping stack maintenance activities in South Africa have now been completed with no outstanding punch items. The work scope took the local team and our contractor (Trendsetter) approximately 6 weeks to complete. The team re-installed the HC/H4 connector which was re-certified last year onto the capping stack, completed capping maintenance and replaced all Subsea Accumulator Module (SAM) bladders. All equipment is response ready, has now been cleaned and returned to the warehouse. This is the second base that the capping maintenance has been completed in 2021 by the team. We’d like to thank all those involved in ensuring that the maintenance was completed efficiently, but most importantly safely, considering all the necessary COVID control measures.  


In March, the OSRL Brazil team started work on the IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) change-out for the 500 m3 of Corexit dispersant (500 IBCs equivalent) located at our Rio de Janeiro facility. This work is needed as IBCs have a 5-year validity threshold for air cargo purposes. The activity is being conducted on a partner site and all COVID-19 mitigating measures are being followed with the health and welfare of personnel the top priority. As you may all know, Brazil is currently facing a difficult period in the pandemic, but with all safety measures in place, we were able to continue our activity. Overall progress is currently around 75%, with the activity scheduled to finish in April. We are proud to be able to continue our response readiness status for Members. 



Country plan updates 

If you would like to view all our covid-19 country plans, please use this link. 


Latest news and events on our website 

OSRL is delighted to share the news that the IOGP Subsea Well Response & Source Control subcommittee (SWRSC) has issued the latest document 591 - Guidance for Subsea Source Control Competency and Skills. Read more here. 


The pandemic and the rise of remote working has created several wellbeing challenges for people and businesses worldwide. At OSRL, the Crisis Management Team recognised this fact and prioritised wellbeing from the very beginning. Andrew Couch, Wellbeing Lead, talks about how we have been looking after the wellbeing of our employees throughout the pandemic. Read more here. 


Seminar recordings and slides 

Incident and Crisis Management - Working Together To Bring Order To Chaos. This seminar recording goes through the essential elements for responding to major events, how escalation is managed and the role of liaison between the different teams to enable them to achieve their objectives. Click here to view. 


In this seminar, Yann Hajeri, Saipem, Technical Manager and Mario Fazio, OSRL Subsea Manager take a closer look at the use of our Offset Installation Equipment to deploy a capping stack and equipment when vertical access over the subsea well is not possible. Click here to view seminar slides only.  


As always, we remain just a phone call away, ready to virtually support you and your operations. Should you have any questions, please email or contact our Duty Managers.