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OSRL in documentary series, Port Ops

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Oil Spill Response Limited was mentioned in episode 4 of an 8-part documentary series, named Port Ops, which aired on Tuesday 28 April 2017.

This documentary series is produced by a local broadcaster in Gibraltar, GBC in conjunction with the Gibraltar Port Authority, and looks at the daily operations within the port. The Gibraltar Port Authority shares how their ongoing membership contract with us contributes to their oil spill response capabilities within the port.

OSRL continues to support port authorities and coast guards globally with our broad range of services and access to more than 175 highly skilled response specialists.


Video is available here. OSRL mention from time code 6:40 -7:15

A case study on our support to the Gibraltar Port Authority can be downloaded here

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Any oil company with regional and international operations can apply for OSRL membership so as to gain quicker and easier access to our services at lower rates. You can join us as a Participant or Associate Member depending on your company's characteristics and your required coverage.

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