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Wildlife Week Webinar: Preparing For Oiled Wildlife in the Asia-Pacific Region

Friday, November 17, 2023

Preparing For Oiled Wildlife in the Asia-Pacific Region

Sharing real-world examples of how to improve developing wildlife preparedness in the Asia-Pacific, we will introduce the Wildlife Preparedness Wheel as a tool to guide Industry on their preparedness journey. OSRL will present case examples of the aspects of the regulatory framework on oiled wildlife and how oiled wildlife response is integrated into other response strategies. Louise Chilvers from Wildbase, Massey University in New Zealand, will share her experiences as a world-leading promoter of wildlife preparedness and response good practices with specific examples from the region. Petronas will talk about their experiences working in collaboration with OSRL, Government Agencies and Regulators to integrate wildlife response into their National Contingency Plan. Finally, we will introduce a new addition to OSRL’s suite of published courses, a 2-day distance-learning course: Oiled Wildlife Response Training for Decision Makers, developed in collaboration with Massey University, available in 2024.


Webinar Details:

Date and Time:

Friday 17 November 2023 | 05:00 GMT/UTC


Norman Ramos, Shahreena Shahnavas, Lih Hern and Jeffery Leng from OSRL

Guest Speakers:

Louise Chilvers from Wildbase, Massey University

Petronas (TBC) 


Facilitator Profiles:

Norman Ramos

Norman Lorica Ramos is a Principal Consultant and Trainer within Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL) based in Singapore. He has more than 18 years combined experience in crisis and incident management, oil spill response and preparedness and training. He has delivered and participated in incident management system (IMS) training and exercises, respectively, within Asia-Pacific. Norman holds a Master of Science degree in Environmental Management from the National University of Singapore (NUS). His dissertation was on the Status of Oiled Wildlife Response in Singapore.  

His current interests lie in the intersection of oiled wildlife preparedness and response and the implementation of IMS in oil spill incidents. 


Shahreena Shahnavas

Shahreena is a Senior Consultant based in Singapore and is responsible for the development and management of oil spill preparedness projects in the region. She has developed and delivered numerous projects, including contingency plans, capability reviews, oil spill preparedness workshops, training, and incident and crisis management exercises across Asia Pacific and Africa, working closely with government agencies. Before assuming her current role, she worked as a Spill Responder with OSRL, attending to a number of oil spill incidents in the region and gaining extensive field experience. 

Before joining OSRL, Shahreena was a regional human health risk assessor (HHRA), working on numerous projects in Asia-Pacific and Africa. 


Lih Hern

Lih Hern has a background in chemical engineering and is an experienced professional in emergency preparedness and crisis management, specialising in the field of oil spill incidents. He developed core operational and technical skills through attendance of various spills and exercises. Starting as an external secondment posting to ExxonMobil, Lih Hern took on the consultant role in 2018. He was designated as the project manager for a high-impact project, providing emergency and oil spill response to the Ministry of Public Works and Transport in Laos. He continued to manage other high-value, long-term projects, such as capability building for the National Marine Safety Authority of Papua New Guinea and capability assessment for the Marine Department of Brunei.