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Contamination Expo Series 2016: Spill Response Expo

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


The Contamination Expo Series 2016 is holding its Spill Response Expo in October. It is the UK’s only show highlighting concepts, strategies, innovation, and services in the response and intervention of chemical spills. The event will attract environmental scientists, consultants, pollution response specialists, technicians, and engineers.

The sector’s leading thought leaders will educate and inform through the extensive seminar and workshop schedule, and visitors have a chance to see for themselves the latest research, products, and services in this hugely interactive event.


Come and visit us at booth C708 and also our very own Andy Nicoll, Advocacy Manager, will be hosting a seminar at the Spill Response Expo: 

A Guide to Tiered Preparedness and Response

Many will be familiar with the traditional concept of tiered response (Tier 1 local, Tier 2 regional, Tier 3 national / international etc.). Advances in response technology, logistical capability and communication tools are now enabling global resources to be cascaded to an incident location more effectively. This seminar considers the new industry model for planning the provision of response capability to meet the identified risk, thereby improving response effectiveness.


Find out more about the Spill Response Expo, including the list of speakers, exhibitors and the latest news and blogs.