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Wildlife Response in the Incident Management System

Wednesday, May 26, 2021


Wildlife Response in the Incident Management System:  
Exploring the role of the Wildlife Branch in theory and in practice 

Date: Wednesday 26th May 2021

Time : 14:00 BST (UTC +1)

Duration: 60 minutes

In an Incident Management System, responsibilities for wildlife response are often designated to a Wildlife Branch within the Operations Section of the command structure and are overseen by a Wildlife Branch Director. This Branch serves as a vital connecting point between wildlife response operations and the wider incident management. Although well-established in certain countries, the potential scale of wildlife response operations and its impact on and needs from the wider incident response can often be underestimated, especially in larger incidents.  

This webinar will bring together emergency managers from leading wildlife response organisations and from the industry to explore the theory and structure behind the Wildlife Branch, how it has been applied in various incidents around the world and the importance of pre-planning in successful incident response. 

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