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Seminar - The Complexities of Inland Spill Preparedness and Response

Monday, April 26, 2021

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The members of the Inland Core Group share collective thoughts on the nuance of inland spill preparedness and response activities. Their observations have been formed through their time at a global tier 3 centre covering risks from onshore production, transportation, storage and refining operations, coupled with experience and skills gained prior to working for OSRL.

The group identified four areas they consider key challenges or differentiators for operators and response organisations performing inland activities in comparison to other working environments. Through the course of the discussion the group will look in turn at;

  • Legislation
  • Tiered Preparedness
  • Good Practice
  • Response Partnerships


Title: The Complexities of Inland Preparedness and Response

Date: Monday 26th April

Time: 1400 BST

Duration: 60 Minutes

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