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Seminar: Are we biased against our best leaders?

Thursday, September 8, 2022



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Title: Are we biased against our best leaders?

Date: 8th September

Time: 2pm BST

Our unconscious bias affects our judgement. How we view others, how we judge others, the decisions we take, how we prioritise and what actions we take.  Join us for this webinar with Marta Januszewska as she explores the implications of our unconscious bias on crisis management; both as a leader and follower during crisis situations.


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Meet the Presenter:

Marta Januszewska

New Markets and New Services Lead

Marta joined OSRL in 2013 with a MSc in Oceanography and MA in Political Science. Prior to joining OSRL she was a Sales Support Engineer working with oil spill detection radar and currents/wave monitoring sensors in the Netherlands.  

Marta fulfilled different roles in OSRL mainly in Business Development and as a Regional Representative in Europe and Caspian. She frequently travelled abroad to conduct visits, assist members with a choice of preparedness services and provide information on the newest developments and industry good practice.

Since joining Consultancy and Training department Marta worked on developing contingency plans, capability reviews and workshops for countries in Middle East, Africa and Europe. She also designed and delivered Incident Management Courses, Crisis Management exercises and trainings for clients in Germany, Egypt, Mexico and Cyprus.


In addition, Marta is a Chair of Surveillance Core Group and a Chair of Plastic Working Group, under OSRL’s SME Programme.