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Premiam Conference 2018

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Premiam – Post Spill Monitoring Conference
Effective post-spill monitoring – Sharing best practice and experience

The aim of the Premiam conference is to provide a forum for scientists, regulators, environmental advisors and other professionals working in the field of marine oil/chemical spill monitoring and impact assessment to share experience, best practice and knowledge with the wider marine emergency response community. This conference comes at an opportune time for the emergency response and marine monitoring communities to reflect on progress so far and to establish the key areas that need attention to drive innovation and efficiency for the coming decade and beyond.

There are many stakeholders with an interest in how marine spills are managed and mitigated. Establishing an environmental monitoring programme, utilising best practices in management and science, so that the full impact and the effectiveness of the response is assessed and understood is the primary aim of the Premiam initiative. Make sure you and your organisation are aware of the latest developments and take the opportunity to contribute in a unique gathering of experts.

To download the full programme click here

We look forward to seeing you in London!


For more information and booking details please visit Premiam Conference