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Seminar - Planning For A Successful Capping Operation

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

SWIS Seminar successful capping operation.jpg

Event Info

The webinar, delivered by our APAC team, will focus on the technical aspects to achieve a successful capping operation. We are pleased to have Mario Fazio, our Subsea Well Intervenetion Services Manager as the seminar faciliator and two presenters from Wild Well Control to share their expertise.

  1.  Chris LeCompte, General Manager Well Contained, Wild Well Control
  2.  Alistair Gill P.E, General Manager, Engineering Services, Wild Well Control
  3. Mario Fazio, Subsea Well Intervention Services Manager (OSRL APAC - Perth Australia)

 Topics will include:

  • Data needed for planning (well data, site data, rig data, etc)
  • Logistics Planning
  • Supporting equipment requirements (ROV tools, sea fastening, gas detection, etc)
  • Capping Stack / BOP / Wellhead Interface and Clash checks
  • Plume Analysis
  • Capping Stack Landing Analysis
  • Deployment Vessel Planning including Sea Fastening
    • Deployment by work wire
    • Deployment by rig
  • Capping Stack setup and Deployment Planning
  • Shallow Water Deployment complications and methods
  • Ultra-Deep Water Deployment complications and methods


The webinar will run for an hour and there will be time for Q&A for 30 minutes. 


Title: Planning For A Successful Capping Operation

Date : 23 February 2021

Time : 9.00 a.m. (GMT + 8)

Duration : 90 minutes

Please use the form on your right to register

Thank you for your interest in the webinar!