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Performing Under Pressure - Adapting the Red2Blue Model for Oil Spill Response AM

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Performing Under Pressure.jpg

OSRL would like to share with you how we are using the Red2Blue methodology within the world of Oil Spill Response. 

The RED2BLUE methodology has been enhancing the performance of teams in high pressure environments for over 20 years with proven results in elite sports including the New Zealand All Blacks and the Rugby Football Union. RED2BLUE is also used by major companies, the emergency services, community groups, schools, teachers and sports people at all levels.


This webinar will cover the techniques required to perform well under pressure. It will show you how we equip our oil spill professionals to think clearly, feel in control and perform when it matters most.


Title: Performing Under Pressure – Adapting the Red2Blue Model for Oil Spill Response

Date : 27th August

Time : 08:00 BST

Duration : 60 Minutes

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