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One Year On: What Have We Learned? Properties of Low Sulphur Fuel Oils

Thursday, February 4, 2021


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This webinar is our second on the topic of Low Sulphur Fuel Oils.  The previous one on 20th November 2020, included an excellent presentation by SINTEF explaining the weathering behaviour of “new generation” Low Sulphur Marine Fuel Oils based on initial work undertaken to date.

From the ensuing discussions we established that there is certainly a great interest in this topic. Now, just over a year after the IMO regulations came into force, what do we know about the properties of Low Sulphur Fuel Oils? 

This seminar comprises two presentations:

Firstly, Paul Gunter on behalf of OSRL will talk about the properties and characteristics of Low Sulphur Fuel Oils based on actual data collected throughout 2020.

Secondly, and continuing the spirit of collaboration, Silje Berger from the Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA), with the input and support of Cedre, will talk about the ongoing major projects that the NCA is currently coordinating on Low Sulphur Fuel Oils

Our intention through this ongoing webinar series is to continue to promote and facilitate a constructive exchange of information, to raise awareness and promote best-practices throughout our industry. We thank you for your interest and participation.

Title: One Year On: What Have We Learned? Properties of Low Sulphur Fuel Oils

Date : Thursday 4th February, 2021

Time : 1400 GMT

Duration : 1.5 hours

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Thank you for your interest in the webinar!