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Oiled Wildlife and Preparedness - Perspectives from South East Asia

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

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Title:  Oiled Wildlife and Preparedness - Perspectives from South East Asia 

Date:  19th October 2022 

Time: 13:30 to 14:30 (Singapore Time) 

Duration:  1 hour 

Members only

Without human intervention, the effects of oil on wildlife could be fatal.  On ethical, animal welfare and legal grounds, National Authorities are called to minimize wildlife suffering by setting up appropriate oiled wildlife preparedness and response system.

Southeast Asia is home to the busiest ports, major shipping routes (such as Malacca and Singapore Straits) and extensive oil and gas exploration and production.

In this webinar, Norman Ramos, Principal Trainer & Consultant, and Yow Lih Hern, Senior Consultant, discuss the current practices in South East Asia on a country-by-country basis and their recommendations.


Meet the Presenters.

a photo of norman ramos with crossed arms smiling at the camera

Norman Ramos

Norman has led, managed and completed a wide range of projects throughout the APAC region. He has over a decade of oil spill emergency response, training and consultancy experience and joined OSRL in 2013. He recently led the team on a major preparedness project in Papua New Guinea. Norman is a qualified responder and has participated in a number of exercises and spills, including a vessel collision in Singapore waters and an oil spill incident in Indonesia.



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Yow Lih Hern

Lih Hern first joined OSRL in the Response Department where he was involved in various oil spill incidents in the region, undertaking different roles to suit the needs of each incident. He was the Duty Manager for a spill incident at drilling platform in Turkmenistan; Technical Advisor for a SPM rupture incident in Papua New Guinea; and SCAT Specialist for a pipeline rupture incident in Singapore.

In his role as a consultant, he has delivered a full suite of oil spill preparedness projects ranging from contingency plan, capability review to training and exercises. Some of his key consultancy projects are the Oil Spill Contingency Plan development for the first drilling/production operator in Cambodia, development of oil spill response capability in ports along Mekong River with the government of Laos, and Capability Review, National Contingency Plan update and development of 5 years plan to build oil spill response capability for the government of Papua New Guinea.