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Industry Technical Advisory Committee (ITAC)

Tuesday, November 6, 2018


OSRL is pleased to announce dates for the annual ITAC meeting, which will be co-hosted by the Center for Excellence for Coral Reef Eco-systems Research at NSU, Florida.

The annual ITAC gathering will be taking place at the National Coral Reef Institute at Nova Southeastern University from November 6-8 2018.  

The Industry Technical Advisory Committee (ITAC) is non-commercial and is driven by OSRL as part of its  outreach programme to facilitate the technical debate for more effective oil spill preparedness and response.  The ITAC meeting is held once per year, hosted in different locations, alternately in Europe or North America.  Each meeting seeks to blend both international themes with topics of regional interest according to where the meeting is being held.  

ITAC’s membership comprises oil industry (i.e. members of OSRL and other GRN OSROs) international organisations (ITOPF, IMO, IOPC etc), Governmental organisations (USCG, NOAA, etc) and R&D institutes (CEDRE, SINTEF, GoMRI etc.).  ITAC additionally includes academic institutes involved in relevant marine studies and other organisations with a non-commercial interest in improving oil spill response.  

The connection with academia is an important feature of the ITAC model, recognising that industry is a significant financial supporter of academic research but sometimes there has been a disconnect with the sharing of knowledge and outputs from these studies with industry, which ITAC seeks to address. ITAC offers a unique forum for knowledge sharing and information exchange.

The programme for next week is availavle to download below. This will be available as a trifold handout for delegates on the day.


Paul Schuler, Rob Holland and Andy Nicoll

Trifold Handout Download

For event enquiries please contact