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Seminar - Planning for Offset Installation of a Capping Stack

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

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Event Info

Join Yann Hajeri, Saipem Technical Manager and Mario Fazio, OSRL Subsea Manager to take a closer look at the use of OSRL Offset Installation Equipment to deploy a capping stack and equipment when vertical access over the subsea well is not possible

  1. Yann Hajeri, Technical Manager, Saipem (Trieste, Italy) 
  2. Mario Fazio, Subsea Well Intervention Services Manager (OSRL APAC - Perth, Australia)

 Topics covered in the session:

  • Overview of conditions that require the use of the OSRL Offset Installation Equipment (OIE)
  • Outline of the OIE components
  • Key considerations for planning a well intervention using OIE
  • Mobilisation of the OIE
  • Overview of the marine operations required to deploy OIE

The webinar will run for an hour and there will be time for Q&A for 30 minutes. 


Title: Planning For offset Installation of a capping stack 

Date : 30 March 2021

Time : 1.00 p.m. (GMT + 8)

Duration : 90 minutes

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