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Beyond visual line of sight UAV operations

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

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Event Info

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) (also commonly referred to as drones) are a commonplace in the modern world. Join Adrian and Matthew we they explore deeper into the applications of UAVs in oil spill response, specifically in the area of beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS). 


  1. Adrian Tan, Aviation Liaison Officer
  2. Matthew Low, Chair of the Surveillance Core Group


Topics to be covered:

  • What is BVLOS and an overview of it’s implications.
  • OSRL collaboration with BVLOS capable UAV service providers.
  • Accessing UAV capability through OSRL.



Title: Beyond visual line of sight UAV operations


Date : 29th June 2021

Time : 1600 SGT (GMT+8)

Duration : 60 minutes

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