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SWIS Base Managers Blog- Singapore: Our 3 Year Anniversary

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Singapore SWIS Base  - Our 3 Year Anniversary

June 2016 marks the 3rd anniversary of the relocation of our Singapore office and therefore also the Sinapore SWIS base opening.

Most people would see the attached picture as the poignant moment of the base opening. But for many of us it was months of preparation which involved every single member of staff. Our priority whilst we were relocating was how do we keep ourselves response ready whilst our equipment was being moved. That translated to an intricate plan for equipment movement - identifying key equipment which also included the Earl and Early vessels. The next key piece of the puzzle was support services and staff transitioning. We had to plan when we could shut the old base down, transfer key services such as internet service, moving of servers and computers whilst bringing the new base online and all this time figuring out where personnel who still needed to carry out essential work are temporarily located.

In short, it was no easy feat. But we did it. Looking back I guess it is a testament to what the OSRL community is all about. To quote a colleague: "We strive to achieve ordinary things in extraordinary circumstances."

Since then we have seen a lot of action and exciting things happening here. To name a few - we have set up the Global Dispersant Stockpile (GDS), received six containment reels, hosted a major exercise, had two Annual General Meetings and received countless visitors to the base!

As we head into the future and continue to provide our services to the oil and gas industry, we aim to better ourselves and stay ahead of the game.

And these challenging times do not stop us. As one of our Executive Team members rightly said: "Expectations on us to respond do not fluctuate with the oil price. We have to maintain a constant high level of preparedness and that is what we will do."

Author Bio(s)

Ahmad Nazri Bin Abdul Ghaffar

APAC Regional Manager