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OSRL in Turkey

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

OSRL in Turkey

OSRL recently travelled to Antalya, Turkey to conduct a published Aerial Surveillance Course and IMO 2 Clearance Course in collaboration with MOST Maritime and Environmental Service Company (Turkey). The courses were delivered by Jonathan Cook and myself Tim Coombs, with support from MOST.

While the Aerial Surveillance Course was delivered an equipment review was carried out to access the plan for the practical deployment using MOST equipment, it was decided that an Offshore Deployment was the best option for delegates to get the most out of the exercise.

The four days IMO 2 Clearance course was delivered using the vessels and equipment from MOST and with the technical presentations being held in the Portobello Hotel.



OSRL in Turkey


The course delegates were very engaging and enjoyed the interactive elements of the course, and were always keen to express their views and ask questions. The course was simultaneously translated, with help from two excellent translators and an equipment technician. Their contribution enabled the course to run smoothly.

The practical deployment exercise went well, with the joint effort of OSRL and MOST. An Offshore Deployment was carried out using two vessels from MOST putting out about 150 meters of air inflation boom and then getting the vessels into a “J” formation.

The courses went well with good feedback from the delegates and from Turkish Government observers, who expressed their desire to work with OSRL as they are developing an Oil Spill Centre in Istanbul.

Author Bio(s)

Tim Coombs

Principal Trainer

Tim joined OSRL with 22 years as a Marine Engineering Technician in the Royal Navy and is experienced in Gas Turbine Propulsion and Hydraulic Systems. Having completed 14 years as a Chief Petty Officer, he brings experience in engineering and leadership to the company. 

Since joining OSRL Tim has also been in the position of Workshop and Maintenance Supervisor and responded to spills in Australia, India, Gibraltar and the UK, as well as the 2010 Macondo incident in the Gulf of Mexico and more recently to Gabon, Africa as a Technical Advisor.

As a Principal Trainer Tim has delivered training in West and Central Africa, South America, Falkland Islands, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan (where he also responded to an incident), Germany, Holland, Gibraltar and the UK.

Tim holds the position of Chair for OSRL’s Incident Management System (IMS) Core Group which specialise in emergency management systems used around the globe and has delivered training in this subject to several of our members.