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OSRL interviewed about the RUReady4OS

Thursday, August 23, 2018

OSRL has been interviewed about the RUReady4OS

Sarah Hall, Co-Chair of OSRL's surveillance core group has been interviewed by the Feature Editor of New Scientist magazine about the RUReady4OS article. Sarah talks about the RUReady4OS project and the work OSRL has been doing with Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) and due to OSRL's participation in both the RUReady4OS 2015 and 2018 exercises. New Scientist were also interested in the OSRL 2017 oil on water exercise and any future oil on water exercises.


A SMALL dinghy bobs on the ocean a few miles off the Irish coast. Two men in dark clothes lower a pipe into the water, switch on a pump and chemicals start to flow. To the untrained eye, it looks distinctly dodgy. But these men are from the Irish navy and the chemicals they are dumping are creating a simulated oil spill, to be sniffed out by a team of robots lurking in the depths below.

I’m aboard LÉ Róisín, an Irish Naval Service patrol ship, with a team of scientists who think they have a uniquely effective way of dealing with oil spills.

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Author Bio(s)

Sarah Hall

Africa Regional Manager