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Orkney Island Member Exercise

Friday, May 4, 2018

Orkney Island Member Exercise

Last week six members from the OSRL response team in Southampton visited the Flotta oil terminal in Orkney to support an exercise with response staff from Repsol Sinopec.

They conducted the following activities:
2 Deployments of offshore boom from a dockside and then towed in formation
2 Harbour deployments, booming around a vessel
2 SCAT survey exercises
1 Shoreline deployment
These were conducted with two of their (Repsol Sinopec) pollution response teams, helping them get familiar with their own equipment and how best to deploy it.

The exercises went well and the teams fed back how happy they were with our involvement and that overall, they felt more comfortable with deploying their equipment in the event of a spill following the support provided.

OSRL would like to express our thanks to Repsol Sinopec for the giving us the opportunity to exercise with your response teams. This close member engagement allows us to build relationships in times of preparedness and allows for greater transfer of knowledge into the wider spill community.

Raphael Mensah
Shane Jacobs
Leroy Vollenhoven
Alex Montgomery
Russell Hurst
Gabriel Gyamfi

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Author Bio(s)

Alex Montgomery

Senior Response Specialist

Alex has been with OSRL since 2011, joining with a BSc in Oceanography and MSc in Coastal Engineering. She currently works as a Senior Consultant providing emergency preparedness and response readiness services globally.

In her 8 years working at Oil Spill Response she has worked for several years in the Consultancy department and has delivered a range of preparedness projects globally including oil spill contingency plans and oil spill modelling. She has also spent four years in the response department, involved in the response of several spill incidents supporting logistics, modelling and SCAT among other duties. Participated in multiple internal and client exercises carrying out diverse tasks, from practical OSR deployments to filling various ICS positions.