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Offliner Diaries: Week one; Introduction and Fundamentals

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Offliner Diaries: Week one

Motivated and positive, these were some of the most highlighted words amongst the offliners in our weekly debriefing!

These emotions couldn't be more accurate after the warm reception that we received from various departments of the company, who shared with us their functions within the organisation and how they interact with each other and the challenges they face.

During Week 1, we remained in the classroom, where we learned about the Oil and Gas industry and the role of OSRL. During these sessions, we learned about what OSRL can offer its members and how all departments work together to ensure the best and most efficient services in the industry.

I can safely say that the whole team is interested and motivated to learn about the opportunities available in the company and how our careers could progress in the future!

Some of the highlights of the week were:

  • Tour in the EOC, where we had an overview of how it works during an oil spill;
  • Responders shared their experiences and challenges around the world through case studies;
  • Lessons about Marine Charts; Oiled Wildlife Response; Modelling; Incident Management System (IMS); Rope Work; and many more!

On Thursday, I must also say that we had an enjoyable evening bowling, and some of us proved to be professional bowlers! Ps.: I discovered something there in which I should improve my skills!


Next week: SAFETY  

We're ready!


Author Bio(s)

Maria Mayrinck

Preparedness and Response Advisor