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APAC Global Offshore Surface Dispersant Application Exercise

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Global Offshore Surface Dispersant Application Exercise

OSRL's APAC Base kicked off 2022 with a Global Offshore Surface Dispersant Application Exercise on the second week of February. 

The team held a theory lesson on Wednesday, 9 February, including onsite personnel and virtual attendees.

The high-level objectives for the week were:

  1. Conduct vessel-based dispersant simulation
  2. Conduct determination exercise on dispersant efficacy (Special Monitoring of Applied Response Technologies)
  3. Dispersant dosage ratio and spray rates
  4. Dispersant application monitoring
  5. Operation record and Track Log

Grace Jiang, Nafisah Binte Mohd Raffid and Mohamad Samsuri Bin Hussain from the APAC Response team delivered the theory session. 

Offshore operations took place on Friday, 11 February, in the waters of Serangoon Harbour. Norman Ramos from the APAC Training and Consultancy team and John Butac (recently returned from Papua New Guinea) were back on deck to join Response during the training. 

A Safety Briefing was conducted for Exercise participants before the start to remind everyone of COVID-19 precautions and control measures.

Vessel Master, Chres also delivered a safety brief and necessary protocols at sea before EARL 3 set sail from TOLL Jetty.    

Nafisah and Samsuri suited up in Level C suits (Tyvek) as EARL 3 approached the exercise site and commenced operation with the Site Entry Protocol.

Once the vessel arrived at the exercise site, the team proceeded with vessel dispersant spray operations. They then deployed Fluorometry for Tier II and III monitoring.

After an initial adjustment of ropes to keep the fluorometer taut in the water, the team produced excellent data. The team then went on to deploy the AFEDO Boat Spray System. Throughout the exercise, the team took frequent 'Take-5s' to facilitate knowledge sharing and address queries and training needs. 

The team completed two spray operations, finished vessel dispersant tasks to a high standard and achieved all exercise objectives. The team also practised proper Voice Procedures in communication between Deck IC and Vessel Master and refreshed personal competencies. 

This Training Exercise provided our Responders with an opportunity to develop their competency in calculating Dispersant Application Rate and Adjusting Output Rate with our AFEDO Boat Spray System.

Everyone was grateful for the beautiful weather; it was a cool, cloudy morning. It was fantastic to be back out at sea, training with our equipment!

Dispersant exercise 2.jpgDispersant exercise 3.jpg

Dispersant exercise 4.jpgDispersant exercise 5.jpg

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Author Bio(s)

Mohamad Samsuri Bin Hussain

Response Specialist