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To Buy or Not to Buy: Making Sense on Your Capital Investments

Sunday, August 26, 2018

To Buy or Not to Buy: Making Sense on Your Capital Investments

As more and more companies start to venture into new frontiers to discover new oil reserves, the question that always lingers is deciding on the types of critical investments to be made during the discovery phase.

Emergency response and preparation for oil spills are critical in any drilling operation. Ensuring the impact from oil spills is well mitigated in the shortest time possible is key to managing the oil spill risk for any operator. Ensuring adequate local oil spill response equipment to mitigate these risks is available is an important part of oil spill preparedness. Operators face the decision of whether to lease or purchase the equipment and how to store and maintain the stockpile till the next drilling event. 

OSRL has long supported our members by providing cost effective short-term and long term equipment hire services, matching their operational risks with the preparedness level of the local environment to derive the most suitable equipment package.  Rather than purchasing and maintaining a stockpile, equipment hire can be a very cost effective solution when it comes to planned subsea pipeline changeout, pipeline maintenance or tank cleaning works. 

If there’s one thing we are proud to say of our equipment hire service, it has to be that our turnkey equipment hire service incorporates in-country equipment commissioning, set-up advice and critical operational and safety training. All these are delivered before the final equipment handover to our members. The service also includes periodic equipment maintenance and scheduled training and exercising, to ensure maintenance of our members’ response readiness capability. All equipment hire services are supported by our technical advisory and response services, so our members can call on us 24 hours a day for more detailed advice and guidance.

Feel free to contact us or read more about equipment hire service.


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Yoppy Tan

Preparedness Solutions Manager, APAC