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Logistical Challenges and Equipment Hire

Monday, August 10, 2020

Logistics of Equipment hire in Challenging times

Equipment Hire is a key service provided by OSRL for our clients to hire oil spill response equipment to enhance their level of preparedness. Naturally, the Global Logistics Team is heavily involved with the logistics of moving the equipment from our Base to the client’s desired location. 

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, many countries have tightened their borders and restrict non-essential cargo movement. As such, this is a challenge that OSRL is working on comprehensively to overcome, both in terms of ensuring our response capabilities and delivering our equipment hire packages. The team maintains constant communications with our logistics suppliers to ensure that it is possible to transport our equipment into the desired country. 

The Global Logistics Team works closely with other internal teams to ensure that our equipment can be delivered to the client’s designated location, including having personnel on Base to conduct pre-dispatch load checks and coordinating Dangerous Goods paperwork. All activities conducted at OSRL’s Base adheres to our Covid-19 procedures that were put in place to ensure that we can still provide our services whilst operating safely.  

Despite all the existing challenges, OSRL can proudly say that our equipment can still be delivered as per normal. This is evident through our recent projects of coordinating equipment shipments from our Bases to various overseas locations, with more upcoming equipment hire projects in the pipeline. 

For more information on the logistics of our equipment, please contact the Global Logistics Team at: 

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