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Overcoming logistical challenges of coordinating large group training

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Coordinating large group training

Robert Chan, OSRL's Principal Trainer, has a great story to share on how we overcame logistical challenges of coordinating large group training for Oiltanking.

As a coordinator in charge of learning and development for a large group of operators, how do you ensure that they are adequately equipped with relevant and up-to-date skills without disrupting their work schedules?

It would not be feasible for all to stop work to attend training and it can be challenging to coordinate the training days and work schedules. Most importantly, how do you ensure consistent learning outcomes if the training is provided by different vendors and locations?

OSRL recently conducted an Oil Spill Operator Course with practical jetty booming exercise for 135 operators from Oiltanking Singapore, Oiltanking Singapore Chemical Storage and Oiltanking Helios Singapore. The training focused on boom deployment around a vessel. This is an important aspect of the operators’ job scope as they may, in emergency circumstances; need to deploy boom in a safe and effective manner around a vessel at their own jetty for loading/unloading operation.

To optimize training opportunities for such a large group, the course was conducted once a week over four weeks in April. Attendance was taken daily and by not fixing the date to which each attendee must attend, there was flexibility for their attendees to select a training date that best suited their work schedules.

Facilities at OSRL enabled the attendees to practice booming deployment in a very similar environment as their jetty at Jurong Island. Equipment deployed was similar to the equipment they would use in a real case scenario.

Feedback from the operators has been highly positive. Many found the training content clear and applicable to their work scope and took back with them valuable insights on oil spill response and incident management from our experienced trainers.

Our flexibility in logistics planning and adjustment to training requirements enabled consistent learning outcomes for a large group of attendees despite their varying work schedules.

If you are coordinating oil spill response training for your operators and are wondering how to fit it into their work schedule, feel free to approach us for a flexible training plan. Contact us at

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Robert Chan

Response Trainer