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OSRL & Industry: Outreach – Developing Good Practice

Through the IOGP (International Association of Oil & Gas Producers) / IPIECA Joint Industry Project (JIP) (OSR), the industry has taken considerable steps to improve technical oil spill response in the 19 focus areas of the Global Industry Response Group (GIRG). This is in response to recommendations arising from the Macondo and Montara incidents.

While some topic areas have benefited from discrete scientific or technical studies, others have broader overarching ambitions to learn and apply lessons arising from these two landmark events. In virtually all cases the enduring legacy of the JIP (OSR) will be the suite of communication and outreach tools that have been developed to enhance and share good practice with stakeholders throughout the wider response community.

These outreach tools come in a variety of different levels of detail, tailored to the specific requirements of different audiences:

  • "Scan/Glance" materials - developed to help communicate complex topics in a succinct package suited to regulators and other stakeholder audiences requiring an overview of the industry approach to challenging response and preparedness issues
  • Fact sheets – more detailed technical information and analysis of common response topics and issues
  • Good Practice Guides (GPGs) - to provide a greater level of detail. A compendium of 24 reports in the four key areas of response, preparedness, impacts and strategy, including a specific guide which relates to OSRL's three key messages. OSRL was requested to author three guides: Tiered Preparedness and Response (TPR), Net Environmental Benefit Analysis (NEBA), and At Sea Containment and Recovery.
  • Deeper academic/scientific technical study - in specific topic-related areas which require peer reviewed and substantiated papers and journals, to advance scientific understanding of the subject matter

We have helped develop many of the components of the industry communication toolbox and are now an integral partner in the use of the toolbox to advocate and disseminate the industry key messages that are encapsulated within.

To explore the good practise guides please use the button on the right to go to IPIECA's website...