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Training Courses

Oil Spill Response Refresher (IMO Level 1-3 Equivalent)

  • IMO1 Equivalent

This course provides you with revalidation of the IMO Levels 1- 3 equivalent, covering the technical and regulatory aspects of oil spill response.

  • OSRL is a Nautical Institute accredited training provider

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IMO Levels 1-3 equivalent certificate revalidation with this refresher

Using a realistic incident scenario, this course will refresh and develop your operational, tactical and strategic skills in spill response management, allowing you to make effective and efficient decisions.

Drawing information from your existing knowledge and experiences of oil spill response, an incident-based scenario will further your understanding of response operations, from initial response through to incident termination. 

If you have a valid IMO Level 1, 2 or 3 equivalent certificate that is soon to expire, this course will revalidate your certification for a further 3 years (36 months from the date of the refresher course).


This course refreshes all standards of: 

  • IMO equivalent training from IMO Levels 1-3

Course Summary

  • Oil Spill Response Management Overview

    Gain a comprehensive understanding of the core principles and strategies that underpin effective response management, and delve into the intricate aspects of oil behaviour, uncovering the potential environmental and economic consequences of oil spills, all while emphasising the paramount importance of preparedness.

  • Response Techniques

    Equip yourself with practical insights into response techniques crucial during an incident. Learn how to prepare tactically for offshore and shoreline response activities, ensuring you're ready to act swiftly and efficiently.

  • Strategic Decision-Making and Media Relations

    Understand the art of making strategic decisions under pressure and learn the intricacies of managing media relations during response operations.

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