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Training Courses

Environmental Advisor

  • OSRL

A unique and invaluable environmentally focused three-day course delivered in Pembrokeshire, Wales, the site of the most recent UK Tier 3 oil spill incident involving a large-scale shoreline impact.

  • OSRL is a Nautical Institute accredited training provider

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Environmental Advisor is tailor-made for an HSEQ position or a dedicated environmental custodian with responsibility for oil spill preparedness and response

Embark on a captivating three-day journey in picturesque Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK, the very site of the most recent UK Tier 3 oil spill incident with significant shoreline impact.

This immersive course takes you on a profound exploration of the MV Sea Empress Tanker incident's aftermath, offering hands-on insights from those who were there. Delve into detailed field studies, revealing compelling evidence of the incident's impact on the affected shorelines. Contrast these sites with those untouched by oil spills, all while visiting the actual locations impacted during the course. Elevate your tactical and strategic environmental skills to a new level through this invaluable experience. Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to learn and grow.

Course Summary

  • A Living History

    Immerse yourself in a unique experience as you step back in time to the 1996 MV Sea Empress tanker incident. Explore the major oiling sites and discover the art of contrasting and comparing shorelines.

  • Environmental Restoration

    Witness the diverse effects of oiling on shorelines and wildlife, learning the art of environmental restoration and recovery.

  • Getting To Grips With NEBA and SCAT

    Unleash your potential in response techniques, applying the principles of Net Environmental Benefit Analysis (NEBA), and explore the intricate Shoreline Clean-up Assessment Technique (SCAT) for effective assessment.

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