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Crisis Management

  • OSRL

This course is designed to give delegates an overview of the key aspects necessary to consider when developing and implementing a crisis management capability in their organisation.

  • OSRL is a Nautical Institute accredited training provider

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This Crisis Management course is customised for your organisation to experience as an crisis management team

Experiencing this course with your colleagues is the best way to understand each other's roles within a crisis, practice with those who will be working alongside you and build the everlasting relationships that will lead you to effective and efficient crisis management.

Develop your teams' preparedness for a crisis event and tangible skills to manage a crisis effectively and efficiently. Join us on a transformative journey where you will not only master the fundamentals of crisis management but also gain the confidence to strengthen your organisation's resilience through the implementation of a powerful crisis management framework. 

Delve into the intricacies of incident and crisis management, unlock the knowledge, tools, and techniques that empower you to anticipate and assess incidents precisely. Explore the critical activities, roles, and responsibilities for orchestrating effective incident and crisis management.

Our course is meticulously designed in alignment with industry best practices and shaped by the latest global insights, including standards like BS EN ISO 22301, which focuses on societal security and business continuity management. We draw inspiration from BS 11200:2014 Crisis Management Guidance and Good Practice and PD CEN/TS 17091:2018 Crisis Management Guidance for developing a strategic capability.

Elevate your expertise, shape your organisation's future, and embark on a journey that guarantees a profound impact on your career and the resilience of your business.

Course Summary

  • Crisis Essentials

    Discover the core essentials of crisis management, from procedural insight to the art of impactful communication, including leveraging the power of social media.

  • Crisis Management Techniques

    Master the principles, strategies, and cutting-edge incident response and crisis management techniques.

  • Structure and Process

    Develop a deep understanding and acquire the skillset required to establish a robust structure and processes for effectively responding to and managing incidents and crises.

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